Spiritual Dreamwork

I offer spiritual dreamwork in indiviual sessions and in small groups for anyone who is interested.

Individual Sessions: If you are mainly interested in your own dreams as a mirror of your own inner growth, then individual sessions will be most helpful. Before and after each session, you have the possibility to talk about your outer life situation in order to integrate the dream into your everyday life. I will be glad to propose some practices derived from the dreamwork; in time, these can become a regular meditation practice, or you can add them to your meditations of any spiritual path.

(Link: Offer Individual Sessions).


Small Group: A small group in English is being planned, for people who would like to learn more about the background of spiritual dreamwork and who are fascinated by the dream process not only in themselves but also in other people.

 (Link: Offer Dream Groups).



Individual Retreat

My offer for an individual spiritual retreat (in silence) is based on a set of clearly described preconditions (see under "Individual Retreat").