Is spiritual dreamwork something for me?

Spiritual dreamwork is part of an inner path, the search for a meaning of life beyond the physical world. It does not point only in one direction, "upwards" towards transcendence, but in a cyclical process it always leads back to the world "down here."

People who are interested in this kind of dreamwork are eager to discover their relationship with the eternal and unchangeable, an aspect that often disappears within the ups and downs of daily living. They are not expecting immediate solutions for their problems - these can also appear - but they want to become familiar with a broader perspective. Dreams show the developmental process of your whole life; while at a given moment you may feel stuck in outer life, dreams can show you that a whole different program may be running behind the scenes.

There are phases in life when such considerations are of paramount importance and other phases when our attention is completely captured by outer life events. Accordingly, spiritual dreamwork may be practiced intensely at some times and may rest at other times.

If these ideas appeal to you right now, you might be in one of those phases when the fertile ground is ready and inner and outer life can be enrichted by spiritual dreamwork.