About me

For many years dreams kept telling me I should become a "teacher", although in outer life I already was a teacher. The teaching in my dreams was not about passing on my learned knowledge; but what was it then?

It took me several years to understand what teaching in a spiritual sense means. It does not come from acquired knowledge, but it flows out of the trust in being. It is the courage to let go of what I think I know intellectually so that what needs to be taught can come through at the right time. Quite a change from college teaching.

My dreams were a reliable guidance in the time of re-orientation, after having quit my tenured job and before having found my new role. I had the chance to meet a very experienced guide in spiritual dreamwork, Nigel Hamilton, and together we looked at thousands of my dreams during what turned out to be a 10-year psycho-spiritual transformation process.

When people started to ask me for guidance with their dreams, I realized that I was becoming a teacher again. Now I did not know beforehand what I needed to teach them, but with every dreamwork I found a deeper trust that I was able to help people find their own inner wisdom in their dreams.

Dream:  I should be the intercessor for the human beings, between this world and the other world, an important role, and all people admit this. But it can happen only if I am wearing the suit in brown and yellow cubes. The big stone house behind me has sgrafitti which turn into fine brown lines all over the façade. People see that and they know I can now transform things for them.

Among many others, this dream was an impulse for me to start doing dreamwork with a broader circle of people. Up to today, it is my greatest joy to accompany someone on their path, a person who is ready to listen to their own dreams.

If you have found this website "by chance", and you have kept reading all the way to this point, it might well be that you are one of these people.

   Ursina Fried-Turnes


Creating a Website

When computers and programming began to appear in my dreams, I had long been interested in the possibilities of the internet because it works almost as fast as a dream. But I needed some more technical skills.

In July 2010 I had a lucid dream in which I was creating my website and noticed that I kept putting my hot hand to my cool forehead. Finally I understood: This is how text can be added.

It's as easy as that.

Who am I addressing?

Anyone eager to find answers within themselves and interested in their dreams can benefit from dreamwork: women, men, older or younger people.

Sometimes a single session can open up new pathways; sometimes dreaming will be intensified and the dreamer will wish to follow it more closely for a longer period of time. At any rate, the dreams can be trusted to express what is needed at any given time.