My Training with Nigel Hamilton

Nigel Hamilton, PhD, is the founder and director of the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London ( Concurrently he is the leader of the London Sufi Centre and the national representative of the Sufi Order International in Great Britain (

Dreams have always been of great fascination for him, his own dreams and those of psychotherapy clients and spiritual seekers doing retreats under his direction. His main interest is the transformation observed in dreams over long periods of time; he created a model to describe such psycho-spiritual transformation processes, linking psychology, alchemy and Sufi teachings. His research was published as a PhD Thesis in 2006, under the title "The Role Of Dreams In The Study Of Human Transformation" (DeMontfort University).

I met Nigel in 1999 during the first dream workshop he offered in Zurich; these workshops have taken place twice a year ever since. Nigel's interest in long transformative dream sequences and my desire to find a thread in the intense dream series I first presented to him happened to coincide, and so a 10-year adventure in tracking my dreams started soon after that first workshop. Our collaboration culminated the publication of a Manual for Dreamers and Dreamworkers in 2011 (see next section: Books).

After that I started to develop my own way of doing spiritual dreamwork, accompanying people in dream groups and individual sessions, usually following the process over many years. To help people find their own guidance in their dreams, I published a book about the practice of being guided through dreams in 2016 (in German): Deine Träume - Wegweiser zum Erwachen